An Auto Biography of Elvis Richardson
Opening 6pm Tuesday 22nd May 2018

In this new exhibition of Richardson’s solo work, family stories, imagined archives and documentary photography come together across video, installation and sculpture. Imbuing a sense of the artist’s self in the retelling through archives, Richardson’s work considers her own lineage, domestic spaces and memories through the lens of the found archive.

‘An Autobiography of Elvis Richardson’ brings together a combination of new and previously exhibited works into the context of True Estate Gallery. Re-shown and developed over the past 10 years, these works explore archives of photography, domesticity, family and female creative practice through collation and curation. Video works gently meander through intriguing combinations of aesthetically complex and at times precisely shot found imagery to humdrum sounds of a slide machine click or ambient percussive electronica. In re-archiving and combining analogue and digital archives into physical forms, Richardson considers the purpose of creating and maintaining family archives and herstories, and through whom these stories can be told.

Elvis Richardson is Co-Director of True Estate Gallery and an interdisciplinary artist whose conceptual practice explores identity and recognition through a collection-based methodology. Richardson’s raw materials are ‘found’ and obsolete personalised mass-produced objects and images she uses them to reconstruct stories of ambition and abandonment, public recognition and private nostalgia. Richardson is the founding editor of CoUNTess blog publishing data on gender representation in the Australian visual arts sector which launched a new platform in 2017 at Elvis Richardson is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery in Adelaide & Galerie pompom in Sydney.

'An Autobiography of Elvis Richardson' runs through to 10 June.

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Elvis Richardson Still from Settlement 2015, Video 16:9 9.06mins with sound By James Hayes