Everyday objects and strange rituals in the practices of Anne Graham and Julie Davies
Opening 6pm Wednesday 18nd July 2018

For True Estate exploring aspects of the personal spaces we inhabit is at the heart of this gallery project. Artists Julie Davies and Anne Graham works in this show convey how personal observations and processes add meaning to the routines of the everyday, the familiar, the prosaic become synthesized, more detailed and focused, reconfigured and represented. Both artists have developed in their practices modes of engagement with the everyday and objects we live with in distinctively performative ways.

Davies photographic works meticulously document, rescale and isolate a collection of personal objects the artist is deaccessioning from her home in Matter and Memory: From the Albert Street Archive 2018, the repeated grid arrangement evokes an exquisite beauty and sublime order to this labour intensive process, and also reveal a dedication to documentation and recording ones existence through the existence of things.

Grahams works playfully embody and animate a neighbours gift of chicken feathers into a costume and kinetic sculpture that commemorate the chicken and subvert its domesticated helplessness. The work imagines, enacts and literally stirs up ideas of ceremony and commemoration, with movement, sound and touch.

Runs until 12th August 2018

Anne Grahams Feather Cloud 2 is accompanied by ‘Feather Music’ by Boris Hunt

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Anne Graham
Chicken Man

Julie Davies
Matter and Memory. from the Albert Street Archive